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Bryan’s focus on healthcare stems from a decade-long personal crusade. A parent suffering from an undiagnosed illness led him into an often bewildering and even contradictory maze of diagnostic approaches, tests, re-tests, treatments, and re-treatments that took a full ten years to resolve. This experience taught him how intimidated and confused patients and caregivers can feel. And he learned first-hand the stresses and challenges laced throughout the system.

As a result, he wants to create systems where patients can more easily identify the right doctor on the first try. He is determined to help people avoid the headaches of the healthcare runaround while helping his clients gain increasing success. Bryan also understands the internal mechanisms of the industry, which allows him to bring value to a range of healthcare-aligned enterprises.

Bryan has extensive experience in loyalty programming, where he learned that marketing must cater to the real-world needs and motivations of real people, not just statistics on a spreadsheet. He sees the big picture and has the insight to create sensible processes that benefit his clients while easing individual interactions between patients and care providers.

Bryan’s strong grounding in data management includes a master’s degree in information systems and data analytics, as well as years in digital aspects of finance, and web and software development. This training and experience provide the foundation for his extraordinary ability to apply digital expertise to the complexities of healthcare.

Bryan lives in the Upper East Side with his wife and his dog. A self-described foodie and an avid runner, he finished his first marathon in November of 2019.

Medical Marketing Glossary: Decoding Industry Jargon

Knowledge Panel Optimization can enhance a healthcare organization's online presence by ensuring accurate and comprehensive information is displayed in Google's Knowledge Panels.

Patient Engagement Solutions refer to technologies and strategies designed to enhance patients' participation in their healthcare, leading to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Reputation Management is crucial for healthcare organizations to maintain a positive online presence, build trust with patients, and address any negative feedback proactively to improve patient satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights are crucial in healthcare marketing for understanding patient needs, optimizing campaign performance, and guiding strategic decisions to enhance patient engagement and care delivery.

Healthcare Patient-centric Marketing is an approach that tailors marketing strategies and communications to the individual needs and preferences of patients. It emphasizes understanding and addressing the specific health concerns of patients, thereby improving patient engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

A Healthcare Marketing Agency can assist your practice by developing tailored marketing strategies that improve visibility, patient engagement, and retention. By leveraging specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry, such agencies can help navigate regulatory challenges, optimize your online presence, and drive patient volume growth effectively.

Online Patient Acquisition is the process of attracting and converting potential patients into actual patients through digital marketing efforts. It involves using strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media to increase a healthcare provider's online presence and credibility, thereby driving patient growth.

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