Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Building a strong reputation online is critically important to the success of any modern business, and nowhere is this more true than in the medical industry. When it comes to something as important as healthcare, it’s not enough to get your name out there – creating an effective online brand and leveraging assets like patient reviews, published reviews, and digital content is an essential part of any effort to foster trust and build authority with your target audience.

At Tidal Health Group, we draw on our strategic partnerships, proprietary software, and a wealth of digital healthcare marketing experience to help your brand address every aspect of online reputation management.


Online Patient Reviews

Patient reviews and testimonials are one of the most direct and crucial ways that your customers will interact with your brand, and they’re a key facet of our approach to doctor reputation management. The fragmented digital landscape is one of the biggest challenges to effectively utilizing patient feedback to the advantage of your business. When you work with Tidal Health Group, you will benefit from our strategic partnership with, using an advanced algorithm to aggregate top reviews and populate them across a wide range of healthcare platforms. Working with, we also offer our clients access to an automated review flow that makes it easier for your business to request and receive valuable patient feedback.

We have experience cultivating feedback and expanding the visibility of patient reviews to improve the reach and reputation of medical practices ranging from primary care doctors to surgeons and other specialized healthcare providers.

Google My Business

Since Google is one of the most common points of entry for medical practice consumers, Google My Business (GMB) is another platform that can be highly useful in online reputation management for doctors. We can help your healthcare business create and maintain GMB listings to reach the right customers for you and make your patient reviews available on one of the internet’s most highly visible channels of customer feedback. Our proprietary AuthorityCMS content management system is also specifically designed for healthcare businesses to optimize Google searches and bring relevant consumers to your practice or medical entity’s page.

Social Media

More than ever, social media is a necessary piece of the puzzle for medical practice reputation management. When searching for a physician or practice, customers have come to expect a social media presence that is engaged with followers and conveys authority, professionalism, and expertise. Our healthcare marketing consultants have a proven track record of connecting with a larger social media audience for a wide range of clients. This includes effective use of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to grow the reputation of doctors and medical brands.

When you provide excellent experiences for your customers—from their first digital touchpoint to their most recent in-person interaction—it builds your reputation and advances your credibility. To be direct, our team knows what works in healthcare and what doesn’t. We work with you every step of the way, employing best practices and applying our wealth of experience.
The goal? Your customer connections are consistently positive and your authority grows over time.

As experts in building, enhancing and maintaining authority, we know it is the pivot point in healthcare. Obvious? Sure, but it bears repeating. Without a positive reputation, even a highly capable healthcare organization cannot prosper. And it certainly can’t achieve a leadership position.

At Tidal, we have worked with dozens of impressive healthcare organizations, enhancing their digital authority and aligning their in-person, physical presence to position them for consistent credibility.

Tidal turns quality organizations into authorities. And we turn authorities into leaders.

Once your authority is established, we know how to spread the word.
  • We segment every audience for maximum impact
  • We create content that connects
  • We attack social media aggressively, following key audiences across social channels
  • We engage with healthcare populations throughout social and influencer outlets to ensure ideal exposure for your voice
  • We choose advertising wisely and cost-effectively
With Tidal, you will deliver exactly what customers need, when they need it. We will construct a 360-degree view of your targets’ unique interests, behaviors, and interactions across web, email, social, events, call centers, and mobile channels.
Your conversations with healthcare customers will be extremely personalized and highly effective, because you will really know them.
Healthcare customer acquisition is complex. Effective acquisition is a multistep process.
At Tidal, we understand acquisition psychology. Whether your customers are patients or professionals, we begin by comprehending their mindset. We will:
  • Perform in-depth analyses
  • Recognize customers’ needs and concerns
  • Engage them in ways that are meaningful to them
  • Employ multi-touchpoint marketing strategies to create a lasting sense of trust
Then, to ensure retention, we continue the process of helping you become a consistent, reliable source of truth. This projects additional authority, and augments the positive cycle you’re creating. You get evergreen improvements that organically sustain the long-lasting impact of our efforts.

Healthcare’s Self-reinforcing cycle

The Greater your level of Authority, the more consumers you can attract.

The more consumers you attract, the more important your level of Authority Becomes.


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