A New Frame for Healthcare Authority

    Connecting to the right healthcare audience has never been more vital—or more challenging. To truly connect, everyone in your healthcare enterprise must understand your customers’ fundamental mindset.

    “Healthcare consumers are drawn to the voice of authority and trust.”

    Bryan Cush


    Tidal Health Group knows that success comes from reaching the right consumers, and then converting them into customers. And that only happens with trust.

    In short: People become your customers because they trust your authority.


    5 Fundamental Pillars


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    Authority is the pivot point. Powerful growth is the result.

    Bryan Cush, MS was featured on RustyBrick’s Search Vlog

    Bryan Cush, MS was featured on RustyBrick’s Search Vlog

    RustyBrick CEO, Barry Schwartz, interviewed our Co-founder, Bryan Cush, MS on his Youtube Channel, Search Engine Roundtable. Bryan Cush, the co-founder of Tidal Health Group, a healthcare marketing company, stopped by my office to chat SEO and...

    Changing The Provider Experience

    Changing The Provider Experience

    Bryan Cush, Co-Founder of Tidal Health Group is on a mission to change the way consumers find providers. Backed with a strong purpose and the courage to try, he and his team are tackling the large task at hand. Listen along as Bryan shares a bit on...

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