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We are a technology and service marketing company that works with direct-to-consumer healthcare brands. Our results are: Building your AUTHORITY and patient ACQUISITION.

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Healthcare Marketing Agency

Evidence-Based Medical Marketing Specialists

Are we the right partner?

Who we work with?

For organisations operating within these specialized healthcare segments, our agency stands as your strategic partner in digital marketing excellence.

MSO’s/Medical Practices

A true partner that knows the path to building digital authority and acquiring new patients. You shouldn’t be the one leading the marketing conversation.

Hospital Service Lines

With a combination of experienced service team members and technologists we know how to capture “in-market” patients for your strategic service lines.

Healthcare Consumer Technologies

Defining and entering a consumer healthcare industry requires a strategic balance on brand and customer growth.

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Are you ready to transform your healthcare practice? Let our case studies inspire you to take the next step towards strategic growth and success. With Tidal Health Group, you gain more than a marketing agency; you gain a partner dedicated to your practice’s success. Join us, and let’s create your success story together.

Why work with us?

No cookie-cutter, out of box approaches here. Tidal Health Group has been building a healthcare exclusive Wordpress theme and plugin. With the sole purpose of having the tools to systematically present YOUR Authority. Learn more about our HealthAuthority CMS.

How we are
healthcare marketing specialists?

At the forefront of healthcare marketing, we blend over a decade of web development expertise with specialized SEO, innovative paid advertising, and comprehensive analytics to ensure your digital dominance. We set you apart by leveraging custom WordPress solutions and strategic partnerships with Google and leading healthcare platforms, making compliance and exceptional results the standard. Welcome to your one-stop solution for healthcare marketing excellence.

Healthcare Web Design and Development

Following all compliance and security standards you will get 10+ years of healthcare development experience on day 1. That is 10 years of actual development features, updates, and functionality on day 1. Our custom Wordpress plugin and theme can jumpstart your path to being a digital authority.

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Healthcare SEO

Focusing on a vertical within a vertical (Consumer Healthcare) has kept us ahead of the competition on all things SEO. Out of the box “common” benefits like speed, compliance and hosting are covered. But the custom monthly features released onto our Wordpress plugin differentiate you from the crowd.

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Healthcare PPC

As a Google and Facebook partner we have the experience and dollars managed to be ppc specialists. Then powered by custom Ads APIs and landing pages we are positioning our clients to achieve incomparable results.

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Healthcare Marketing Analytics

Knowing how to navigate the compliant use of Google Analytics, properly implement call tracking and collect your own 1st party data for future proofing shouldn’t be a black hole.

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About Tidal Health Group

We have been laser focused in working only in the consumer healthcare services field since we started 10 plus years ago. If you are positioning yourself in the physical world as an authority we are your strategic healthcare marketing agency to translate that into digital authority. With authority comes acquisition.

Medical Marketing Glossary: Decoding Industry Jargon

Patient Engagement Solutions refer to technologies and strategies designed to enhance patients' participation in their healthcare, leading to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Patient-centric Marketing is an approach that tailors marketing strategies and communications to the individual needs and preferences of patients. It emphasizes understanding and addressing the specific health concerns of patients, thereby improving patient engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

A Healthcare Marketing Agency can assist your practice by developing tailored marketing strategies that improve visibility, patient engagement, and retention. By leveraging specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry, such agencies can help navigate regulatory challenges, optimize your online presence, and drive patient volume growth effectively.

Online Patient Acquisition is the process of attracting and converting potential patients into actual patients through digital marketing efforts. It involves using strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media to increase a healthcare provider's online presence and credibility, thereby driving patient growth.

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