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Blog The Changing Landscape of Healthcare: Insights from a Consumer Patient Trend Survey

It’s clear that the lagging state of change in healthcare is now having it’s moment to shine. More nimble industries like retail, ecommerce, and even banking have been running at full speed for years. Healthcare is finally being brought into the limelight and experiencing necessary change. Whether it is the desire to be more proactive, […]

Posted on August 21 2023
Blog | Podcasts Bryan Cush Featured on Physician’s Guide to Doctoring Podcast

How do you connect to your patients and your community? Dr. Block welcomes Bryan Cush, MS, Co-Founder of Tidal, a company that works on helping physicians connect to the right healthcare audience.

Posted on March 27 2023
Blog | Podcasts Bryan Cush & Brian Dragich Featured on Out of Patients Podcast

Bryan Cush and Brian Dragich are the co-founders of Tidal Health, an agency that focuses on healthcare and practice management.

Posted on March 21 2023
Blog How To Successfully Onboard For Medical Website Design And Development

Onboarding new clients in the healthcare digital marketing industry involves managing different moving parts. Having a process to help transition the client from the point of sale into operations will help move timelines along seamlessly while also providing transparency to all parties involved. We’ll walk through how to onboard for medical website design and development. It […]

Posted on February 28 2023
Blog | Podcasts Bryan Cush Featured on Founder Secrets – Doctors Spending $1 Million on Google Ads

Taylor and Flaviu speak with Bryan Cush of Tidal Health Group, a digital agency focused on companies in the healthcare space. We talked Bryan’s learnings from working on a cruise ship, to how Tidal helps doctor groups with key insights and SEO. Subscribe to receive emails when new episodes are released. Listen on YouTube

Posted on February 8 2023
Blog Increase Your Views on YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel with consistent content isn’t just as easy as recording and uploading. From hiring your medical videographer, to researching the video topic, to releasing it on your channel

Posted on February 1 2023
Blog Advanced Local Healthcare SEO Tactics

The distinction between general search engine optimization (SEO) services and healthcare or medical SEO services is important to understand.

Posted on November 1 2022
Blog Healthcare SEO: Advanced Tactics to Build Google’s E.A.T.

The distinction between general search engine optimization (SEO) services and healthcare or medical SEO services is important to understand.

Posted on October 5 2022
Blog Youtube Furthers Healthcare Content Production

The concept of E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trust) was introduced by Google as a ranking factor that they highlight in the quality raters guideline internally used. The subjective concept is meant to help provide guidance when identifying content that has a high bar on who is producing it. This is broadly applied to all health related […]

Posted on August 8 2022
Blog Featured on UNMISS Podcast hosted by Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Bryan Cush Talks E-A-T.

The E-A-T parameter impacts a lot to the medical industry. Many websites can’t grow because of low expertise, authority, and trust. How to increase E-A-T? Watch or listen to the entire episode with Bryan Cush to know a lot more.

Posted on August 2 2022

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