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Tidal Health Group is a consulting group with the purpose of connecting healthcare brands with patients.

Tidal Health Group is a Healthcare and Medical Practice Marketing Agency specializing in the patient experience and patient psychology to grow new and established brands. Tidal Health Group’s founders have over 20 years of combined marketing experience with 15 of those being specialized only in the Healthcare and Medical field. Past experience, a systematic approach, proven results, and trust allows them to build lasting client relationships to grow their businesses.


Bryan Cush

Bryan J. Cush

Co-Founder / Strategic Partnerships

The healthcare market can be a confusing place, and Bryan knows how intimidating it can be to navigate the thickets of available information out there to find the right provider. Coming from an unusual background in sales and loyalty for a major cruise line, he understands that marketing should cater to the actual needs and motivations of real people, not just statistics on a spreadsheet.

This all fuels his passion for helping patients avoid the headache that can come with looking for healthcare by finding the right doctor on the first try and avoiding unnecessary runaround. He has a knack for looking at the big picture and figuring out how to create sensible processes that benefit the individual interactions between patient and care provider.

Bryan lives in the Upper East Side with his wife and his dog. A self-described foodie and an avid runner, he finished his first marathon in November of 2019.

Brian Dragich

Co-Founder / Operations

With a wealth of valuable experience across a wide variety of industries, Brian brings an extensive collection of useful tools to Tidal Health’s mission. Coming from a background in Civil & Environmental Engineering, he has a gift for translating data to find opportunities, and for creating processes that are efficient, practical, and add the most possible value to your business.

After working as a corporate engineering consultant, Brian played a key part in modernizing his own family’s multimillion-dollar business, crafting a comprehensive digital strategy that greatly increased web traffic and brought in droves of loyal new customers. During this time, he occupied several different roles within the company and gained a uniquely deep understanding of the relationship between digital marketing and all other aspects of running a successful business.

Brian applied these skills to running his own marketing agency for over three years before co-founding Tidal Health Group. He takes pride and satisfaction in collaborating with our clients to overcome challenges and offer the best service for their patients.

Areas of Focus

  • Patient Search Psychology
  • Patient Experience
  • Healthcare Branding
  • Digital Audit
  • Digital Health Summits
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Photography / Videography
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design & Web Development

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Bryan Cush

Bryan Cush

Brian Dragich

Brian Dragich

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