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Are you driving patient volume or just “leads” that are taking up your time? Understanding if a lead is clinically, geographically and financially relevant are the keys to growth.

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Healthcare PPC

Is the right Data Going In And Coming Out Of Your Healthcare PPC Ads Accounts?

If you're teaching the ads account to optimize for the wrong type of patient you are throwing money in the trash. Our deep technology and service experience provides incomparable insight to your overall business operations. Capturing and informing medically relevant users of your authority is the foundation to scaling your growth.

Why Choose Us for Your Healthcare PPC Needs?

Technology meets unrivaled service experience. Healthcare PPC is a complex buying journey with numerous hurdles of compliance along the way. In combination with our HealthAuthority plugin and advanced analytics we know how to drive scalable patient acquisition strategies.

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Our Approach to
Healthcare PPC

Ad Creation Modules

Customizable templates for healthcare-related ads.

Audience Segmentation

We've powered countless healthcare brands, practices, and service lines in achieving increased online authority and driving patient acquisition.

Budget Management

Automated budget allocation and bidding components.

Landing Page Optimizers

Modular components for A/B testing and conversion optimization.

Common Mistakes in Healthcare PPC

Conversion Tracking

Whether isn’t overvaluing a click action or not valuing a call, a proper conversion audit is key. Making decisions with partial or incorrect data leads to money lost.

Call Tracking

More specifically the lack of tracking, calls still drive 30%+ of the conversions within healthcare.


Not building and/or leveraging your positive reviews. Ensuring you have recent, quality reviews on your Google Business Profiles will go lightyears in helping improve your conversion metrics.


Ads Campaigns are driven to maximize their revenue. Giving unfettered control to the system to implement changes is not the best management.

Medical Marketing Glossary: Decoding Industry Jargon

Healthcare PPC is a digital advertising model where healthcare organizations pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked, aiming to drive targeted traffic to their website.

In healthcare marketing, Engagement Rate indicates how well content resonates with the audience, measured by the level of interaction (likes, shares, comments) relative to views or impressions.

Audience Segmentation in healthcare marketing involves dividing the audience into groups to tailor communication more effectively, enhancing engagement and response rates.

Conversion Tracking is vital in healthcare marketing to measure the success of campaigns by tracking user actions, like appointment bookings, enabling optimization of marketing strategies for better results.

In healthcare marketing, Call Tracking is used to monitor and analyze incoming calls to measure marketing campaign effectiveness and gather insights on patient inquiries and preferences.

Conversion Rate Optimization in healthcare marketing is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action, thereby improving patient engagement and boosting online conversions. It involves analyzing data and user feedback to enhance the website experience and remove obstacles to conversion.

A Healthcare Marketing Agency can assist your practice by developing tailored marketing strategies that improve visibility, patient engagement, and retention. By leveraging specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry, such agencies can help navigate regulatory challenges, optimize your online presence, and drive patient volume growth effectively.

Online Patient Acquisition is the process of attracting and converting potential patients into actual patients through digital marketing efforts. It involves using strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media to increase a healthcare provider's online presence and credibility, thereby driving patient growth.

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