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Blog Bryan Cush Featured On EO’s

Bryan Cush, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in New York, is co-founder and CEO of Tidal Health Group, a full-service medical marketing agency that helps healthcare businesses reach the right consumers and then convert them into customers. We asked Bryan how businesses can differentiate their offerings by providing contextual, perspective-based content. Here’s what he shared: There’s a seismic […]

Posted on April 5 2024
Webinar When is it Appropriate to Start Ad Campaigns?

Seize this chance to acquire actionable insights from the expertise of our Co-founder, Bryan Cush. In this session, you’ll learn to:

Posted on November 8 2023
Blog The Changing Landscape of Healthcare: Insights from a Consumer Patient Trend Survey

It’s clear that the lagging state of change in healthcare is now having it’s moment to shine. More nimble industries like retail, ecommerce, and even banking have been running at full speed for years. Healthcare is finally being brought into the limelight and experiencing necessary change. Whether it is the desire to be more proactive, […]

Posted on August 21 2023
Blog | Podcasts Bryan Cush Featured on Physician’s Guide to Doctoring Podcast

How do you connect to your patients and your community? Dr. Block welcomes Bryan Cush, MS, Co-Founder of Tidal, a company that works on helping physicians connect to the right healthcare audience.

Posted on March 27 2023
Blog | Podcasts Bryan Cush & Brian Dragich Featured on Out of Patients Podcast

Bryan Cush and Brian Dragich are the co-founders of Tidal Health, an agency that focuses on healthcare and practice management.

Posted on March 21 2023
Blog How To Successfully Onboard For Medical Website Design And Development

Onboarding new clients in the healthcare digital marketing industry involves managing different moving parts. Having a process to help transition the client from the point of sale into operations will help move timelines along seamlessly while also providing transparency to all parties involved. We’ll walk through how to onboard for medical website design and development. It […]

Posted on February 28 2023

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