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Bryan Cush, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in New York, is co-founder and CEO of Tidal Health Group, a full-service medical marketing agency that helps healthcare businesses reach the right consumers and then convert them into customers. We asked Bryan how businesses can differentiate their offerings by providing contextual, perspective-based content. Here’s what he shared:

There’s a seismic shift happening, and it will result in big changes to the content you and your business share each day. It’s been 28 years since Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content is king.” While those days are over, they had a big impact: Google estimates more than 60 percent of the Internet is duplicate content. If you want your business to grow and differentiate itself, it’s time to stop churning out more of the same repetitive content that simply defines the areas you work within and provides a generalized understanding of them.  The shift from informative content to contextual content that reflects your experience is upon us. Differentiation now lies in the unique perspectives that a brand or individual brings to the table. 

For example, our agency specializes in healthcare. Take any condition, treatment, or disease in the healthcare ecosystem and ask two doctors about their experience working with it. You will find commonalities, but there will also be differences, because their individual perspectives are simply that–individual. The prevalence of redundant content underscores the importance of original perspectives, making them not only valuable, but also significantly harder to copy.

Embrace the shift

The nuance of how people search, the state of their problems, and an allowance for more conversational interactions have brought about a shift. The Internet, flooded with duplicate marketing messages and generic content, demands a fresh approach. Encourage your team to view change not as a uniform challenge, but as a canvas for individual perspectives. The innovative solutions that arise from diverse viewpoints can set your brand apart in a sea of uniformity.

Unearth uncommon insights

In a digital world drowning in replicated data analyses, the power of a singular perspective in data-driven decision-making cannot be overstated. While algorithms may churn out similar conclusions, it’s the human touch in interpretation that adds a layer of originality. Encourage your team to bring their distinctive perspectives to data analysis, unearthing uncommon insights that can shape your marketing strategy in ways that canned approaches cannot.

Stand out in a sea of repetition

Authentic storytelling is a beacon in the digital fog of sameness. Craft narratives that not only resonate, but also stand out amid the replicated tales of competitors. Share your brand’s journey from a perspective that only you can offer. Authenticity becomes a rare commodity in a world saturated with similar stories, and it’s this uniqueness that establishes a genuine connection with your audience.

Offer a personal touch

Interactive content, when infused with a brand or individual perspective, becomes an oasis of personalization in a desert of generic experiences. Static, canned interactions are easily forgotten, but collaborative content creates resonance. Our team mines the unique data we have access to, partners with clients to individualize the data further, and makes creating content a truly interactive process that defines perspective. 

Humanize your brand

While social media platforms might seem like echo chambers of replicated content, the human touch of individual perspectives remains a powerful force. Leverage your team’s diverse viewpoints to create a social media presence that humanizes your brand. Engage with your audience authentically, share behind-the-scenes perspectives, and foster meaningful connections that set your brand apart.

Don’t be afraid to elevate the exceptional perspectives you have right at home. Spotlighting team members under the umbrella of your brand amplifies the level of perspective you bring to the table. It also has the benefit of building a culture of respect and differentiation. 

Reach beyond keywords

In a world where SEO is often reduced to keyword optimization, a brand’s or individual’s distinct perspective can be the game-changer. Create content that goes beyond the predictable, answering user queries with a distinctive voice. The internet is filled with duplicated information, but a personal perspective ensures that your content not only ranks well but also stands out as a valuable and original resource.

Search itself has become a personalized experience in the most literal form. There are so many considerations and nuances to the results one person is served versus another. The more perspective and unique voice you can bring to a topic, the closer you are to connecting with that relevant searcher. 

Embrace your team’s perspective

As businesses navigate the challenge of standing out, the collective mindset of your team becomes a crucial asset. Embrace innovation not just as a strategy but as a collective perspective. Encourage your team to contribute their unique viewpoints, fostering an environment where creativity and originality thrive. In unity, the collective perspectives within your team become the driving force behind marketing strategies that are not easily duplicated.

Unleash the power of uniqueness

Unleash the power of uniqueness

The power of a brand’s or individual’s perspective becomes a formidable advantage. It’s the key to unlocking innovation, differentiation, and lasting connections with your audience. As you navigate the dynamic marketing landscape, remember that while content can be duplicated, perspectives are inherently unique and significantly harder to replicate. Embrace the authenticity that stems from your brand’s or team members’ viewpoints, and watch as your company propels towards unparalleled success in the world of innovative marketing.

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