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Connecting with your customers online is massively important to the success of your business, but how can you tell which of your digital healthcare marketing efforts are actually bringing in customers? Digital marketing attribution allows  an effective way of measuring your return on investment, it can be tough to tell which tools make the best use of your digital marketing budget and which ones don’t.

Tidal Health Group takes a data-driven approach, using exclusive healthcare marketing technology to give you the answers to these questions.

Healthcare marketing attribution is a unique process technology which leverages HealthAuthority™ CMS  — our unique, healthcare content management system (healthcare CMS) — to follow your customers from their first interaction with your website to their first confirmed visit.

Marketing Attribution

Our marketing attribution process matches marketing efforts to digital and phone inquiries, providing insights into the value and return on investment (ROI) of each part of a healthcare marketing strategy. Our multi-touch attribution approach enables continuous improvement and smarter targeting for future healthcare marketing campaigns.

Marketing Attribution Case Studies

How does Marketing Attribution work?

Marketing attribution aims to match the source of marketing efforts to a combination of digital and phone, form, and chat inquiries. We have the unique ability to demonstrate the actual value of each part of your healthcare marketing strategy. Healthcare marketing attribution, combined with patient and revenue data, can prove the return on investment (ROI) of each tool at your disposal so that you spend your marketing and ad budget on what actually grows your business, all while making your ads dollars spend more efficiently.

We can help your healthcare business using features such as:

1st Party Cookie Tracking

Google & Facebook Conversions

Call Tracking

Integrated Ads Landing Page Technology

Ad Budget Optimization

While many companies waste time and money chasing unclear and often misleading metrics like clicks, impressions, and page visits, our tracking is based on what really matters to your business: converting online consumers into real-life patients and customers. 

Our multi touch attribution process and technology also allows us to continually improve on the digital marketing strategy of our healthcare industry clients, making sure that future campaigns will be smarter and more accurately targeted.

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