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Healthcare Holistic Marketing Analytics to Drive Strategic Growth

Insights into what efforts are driving the key levers to growth. With APIs to all major marketing platforms, we deliver actionable reports.

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Healthcare Holistic Marketing Analytics

Are You Spending Thousands of Dollars With No Insight Into What Is Working?

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It. More specifically if you are not measuring it compliantly and correctly you are acting blind. Understanding the nuisance of digital healthcare marketing data is at our core. From hundreds of custom APIs to HIPAA compliant technology partners we understand how and what you need to do for insightful reporting.

Why Choose Us for Your Marketing Attribution/Analytics Needs?

We have been building 1st party data since before it became a requirement. Collecting more than a sample and storing your data on your systems is key to insight.

Are We The Right Partner?

Our Approach to
Marketing Attribution/Analytics

Data Collection Modules

Tools for collecting user data across web, SEO, and PPC.


Customizable dashboards displaying key metrics.

Predictive Analytics

AI-powered components for predicting trends and patient behaviors.

Conversion Tracking

Monitor and analyze patient conversion paths.

Privacy Compliance

Ensure data collection adheres to privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

Audience Segmentation

We've powered countless healthcare brands, practices, and service lines in achieving increased online authority and driving patient acquisition.

Medical Marketing Glossary: Decoding Industry Jargon

Patient Engagement Solutions refer to technologies and strategies designed to enhance patients' participation in their healthcare, leading to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Audience and Behavior Insights are crucial for healthcare organizations to understand patient needs and preferences, enabling more effective engagement and personalization of care.

Audience Segmentation in healthcare marketing involves dividing the audience into groups to tailor communication more effectively, enhancing engagement and response rates.

Conversion Tracking is vital in healthcare marketing to measure the success of campaigns by tracking user actions, like appointment bookings, enabling optimization of marketing strategies for better results.

Data-Driven Insights are crucial in healthcare marketing for understanding patient needs, optimizing campaign performance, and guiding strategic decisions to enhance patient engagement and care delivery.

Healthcare Patient-centric Marketing is an approach that tailors marketing strategies and communications to the individual needs and preferences of patients. It emphasizes understanding and addressing the specific health concerns of patients, thereby improving patient engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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