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When chose healthcare marketing consulting from Tidal Health Group, you get the benefit of decades of medical marketing experience as well as a curated list of physicians and medical partners. We are expert healthcare marketing consultants who can help you grow your practice or healthcare brand and meet your company’s long-term goals.

Medical Practice Marketing Consultants

Whether you are an established brand with a physical footprint or just beginning to get your private practice off the ground, Tidal Health Group is here to help you succeed. Finding customers in the digital marketplace comes with a number of challenges. Maybe your brand already possesses authority in its field, but it’s not translating to success in your digital efforts. Or maybe the customer base that you are reaching isn’t the one that you were hoping to.

With so many marketing technologies and platforms available, it can be difficult to determine where your time, energy, and ad spend dollars are most effectively deployed. If your customer base has stagnated, it may be a struggle to find the new marketing avenue that will better serve your needs. Even if your business is already experiencing growth, it’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly which of your marketing approaches is causing it. 

We have the experience and technology to help you answer all of these questions. As healthcare marketing consultants, we don’t just develop a marketing strategy that is personalized to your brand’s needs and objectives, we follow up throughout the process to show you which methods are bringing in the highest return on investment. Using clear and transparent metrics and reporting, we can  tell you what’s working, what isn’t, and what new opportunities you could be exploring as your business continues to grow. 

When we perform a digital audit of your brand’s marketing approach, we use advanced data and analytics to account for all aspects of how a potential patient may be interacting with your brand. We know how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the market that your brand could be taking advantage of to grow. With our help, you can find the best marketing channels to not just reach more customers, but reach the specific customers that you want.

Our medical marketing consultants can also give you the tools to further grow your business by providing workshops and boot camps that will empower your key team members to successfully execute an effective marketing strategy going forward. While based in New York City, the Tidal Health team’s experience has been called on to help medical practices of all sizes throughout the country – including large, nationwide brands – optimize their healthcare marketing efforts.

Physician Practice Marketing Consultants

Tidal Health Group’s healthcare marketing consultants have extensive experience partnering with small and single doctor physician practices and giving them a better chance to thrive, regardless of their starting point. Whether you’re trying to build a strong foundation to begin from or further grow your existing pool of patients, we can help your practice stand out in a highly competitive healthcare marketplace.

 For new physician practices that are just beginning from square one, our medical marketing consultants can give you all the essentials you need to hit the ground running. Using advanced analytics and reporting, we can help you make the most of your efforts using important tools including social media, search engine optimization, and digital ad buys to establish an online reputation and expand your authority in this sphere.

 In a one-day workshop designed for your needs and budget, we will also draw on strategic partnerships and a wealth of healthcare marketing experience to help you avoid the common pitfalls of the healthcare industry. Physician practice consultations can cover a range of subjects including legal, marketing, billing, staffing, and market research. Learn from medical marketing specialists how to make smart decisions and get your practice started in the right direction.

Tidal Health Group also provides healthcare marketing solutions for established physician practices that are looking to further grow their standing, authority, and customer base. Our healthcare marketing consultants can perform a digital audit of your physician practice’s online footprint and marketing efforts, as well as visiting your office in person to help you optimize your process and strategy. As we continue to work with you, we are also able to track actual patient conversions from your digital presence and show you what measurable results your marketing efforts are achieving.

Whether you are trying to grow your referral base, attract more patients, or simply trying to decide the best path forward for your practice, our healthcare marketing consultants can help you take your next steps with purpose and confidence.

Healthcare Marketing Consultants

In addition to helping smaller and mid-sized healthcare businesses expand their reach and authority, we also understand how to leverage the value of larger healthcare brands. While bigger healthcare organizations may have an existing legacy, it takes an effective strategy to make sure that their brand’s value translates to the digital-first world of medical marketing.

As experts on the healthcare marketplace, we don’t just work with private medical practices. We can also help hospitals, pharmaceutical brands, healthcare technology companies, and more refine their marketing approach in order to make measurable progress towards their long-term goals. We can help you connect with your target audience, be it healthcare consumers, medical professionals, or other healthcare brands.

When your business partners with Tidal Health Group, our healthcare digital marketing experts will take a deep dive into your business, your competition, and your customer base to find opportunities to maximize your existing brand’s digital value. Our healthcare marketing consultants have a proven track record of helping already-prosperous nationwide medical organizations continue to grow in the competitive digital marketplace.

When you provide excellent experiences for your customers—from their first digital touchpoint to their most recent in-person interaction—it builds your reputation and advances your credibility. To be direct, our team knows what works in healthcare and what doesn’t. We work with you every step of the way, employing best practices and applying our wealth of experience.
The goal? Your customer connections are consistently positive and your authority grows over time.

As experts in building, enhancing and maintaining authority, we know it is the pivot point in healthcare. Obvious? Sure, but it bears repeating. Without a positive reputation, even a highly capable healthcare organization cannot prosper. And it certainly can’t achieve a leadership position.

At Tidal, we have worked with dozens of impressive healthcare organizations, enhancing their digital authority and aligning their in-person, physical presence to position them for consistent credibility.

Tidal turns quality organizations into authorities. And we turn authorities into leaders.

Once your authority is established, we know how to spread the word.
  • We segment every audience for maximum impact
  • We create content that connects
  • We attack social media aggressively, following key audiences across social channels
  • We engage with healthcare populations throughout social and influencer outlets to ensure ideal exposure for your voice
  • We choose advertising wisely and cost-effectively
With Tidal, you will deliver exactly what customers need, when they need it. We will construct a 360-degree view of your targets’ unique interests, behaviors, and interactions across web, email, social, events, call centers, and mobile channels.
Your conversations with healthcare customers will be extremely personalized and highly effective, because you will really know them.
Healthcare customer acquisition is complex. Effective acquisition is a multistep process.
At Tidal, we understand acquisition psychology. Whether your customers are patients or professionals, we begin by comprehending their mindset. We will:
  • Perform in-depth analyses
  • Recognize customers’ needs and concerns
  • Engage them in ways that are meaningful to them
  • Employ multi-touchpoint marketing strategies to create a lasting sense of trust
Then, to ensure retention, we continue the process of helping you become a consistent, reliable source of truth. This projects additional authority, and augments the positive cycle you’re creating. You get evergreen improvements that organically sustain the long-lasting impact of our efforts.

Healthcare’s Self-reinforcing cycle

The Greater your level of Authority, the more consumers you can attract.

The more consumers you attract, the more important your level of Authority Becomes.


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