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Elevate Your Practice with Professional Photography and Videography

We offer professional video production services, utilizing researched questions and strategically distributing the content across various platforms to maximize exposure and reach new patients. These videos can drive action and conversions from potential patients, especially considering that people are 60% more likely to take action while consuming information.

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Can You Measure Results from Your Patients' Video Testimonials?

After analyzing over 70 billion online healthcare searches in a year, Google’s research division drew some compelling conclusions. Prospective patients researching on a mobile device contact or make an appointment 10% more often than those using a desktop. Additionally, video is the most consumed form of content on mobile devices. Your videos should accurately represent the type of patients you treat and the results you achieve. When potential patients can connect with actual patients of yours over shared symptoms, struggles, or pain, your credibility as a doctor is immediately strengthened.

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Multi-Platform Strategy: The Impact of Patient Video Testimonials

Leveraging Mobile Trends: The Power of Patient Video Testimonials

Their is no question about the ever-increasing usage of mobile phones over desktop computers. With this shift in hardware technology comes a shift in how we digest content and information. Videos are the mobile users prefer method and if presented properly the providers beneficial method also. Patient video testimonials are a powerful piece of content because they provide a direct insight into your care on the level most relatable and relatable to them, from another patient.

At the time information is being digested, people are 60% more likely to take action on what they are consuming. Are your patient video testimonials driving and converting potential patients to your practice?

Crafting Impactful Medical Testimonials: Start with Strategy, End with Success

An effective medical patient video testimonial starts before the camera is even turned on. Having the proper questions planned out and walked through with a patient are just as important as the video itself.

Our professional videos can be filmed in your office or at one of our studio location in Manhattan. Our trained staff will make your patients feel comfortable and excited to share their story. The production of the video starts well before the camera is rolling. Our marketing staff researches the terms and questions prospective patients are already looking up online. A guideline and list of questions will be prepared for them to answer based on the most highly searched terms. Most importantly when a patient is referred to or researching you the two terms always searched are “Your Name” and “Your Name + Reviews”. The content and labeling of the video makes sure this positive video testimonial use seen by your potential patients.

What were your symptoms prior to surgery?

The content we are able to develop from the medical video patient testimonials is the perfect balance between healthcare and marketing. The questions are informative, highly searched and highly consumed content. Potential patients are able to find the videos easily through several different platforms. Using the 2nd largest search engine, Youtube, the patient testimonials are uploaded with proper tagging. The video is embedded on your personal website along with a text transcription presented in article format. Still images are also pulled out from the patient testimonial video and used across social media, web and numerous other marketing outlets. We make a single video into a multi functional informational and marketing forward extension of your practice.

Why are patient video testimonials so important?

Patient videos are an important piece of your branding and marketing effortless simply because they resonant. Almost half the medical video content watched were of patient video testimonials. And of all the potential patients that watched any video almost two thirds of them contacted the doctor or made an appointment. Are your happy patients bringing in a constant stream of new patients?

Let us help showcase your expertise and bring in new patients through patient video testimonials. We can set up one off productions or monthly videos to bring exposure to all the procedures you do.

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