ENT physician marketing case study

Google Adwords and Analytics Case Study

Manhattan ENT facial Surgeon – Dr. Garrett BennettNEW-bennett+headshot02-WEB


  • Re-structure of adwords campaign to focus on specialize adwords
  • Refined keyword bidding based on search query term that end on patient contacts
  • Enhanced bidding structure based around seasonal and daily timings
  • Track funneling and page exits to increase form submission/flash players/phone contact



  • Breakout and use of multiple granular campaigns with highly focused keyword ad groups
  • Analysis against surgical revenue in relation to search term query reports
  • experimental bidding campaigns based on climate structure
  • goal conversion setups to increase informational videos leading to patient contact



  • Adwords restructing reduced spending by 77% resulting in an annualized savings over $xx,xxx
  • Refocusing keyword bids against highest revenue payouts increase revenue by 22%
  • Experimental seasonal bidding aided in the reduction of overall spend
  • funnel tracking highlighted pages to rework with an average monthly 2X increase in patient submission