Surgical Dentist Marketing

Medical Practice Branding

The doctor had a clear goal of wanted to establish a brand and grow beyond just himself. Taking over an existing practice with a strong and recognizable name was valuable. Its reputation needed improving on so we kept many aspects of the previous brand but brought in new aspects and service that were now going to be provided.

Medical Practice Web Design

After this practice and brand were purchased by a new owner a new website was designed. The medical practice was left with a decent product but with no easy way to make changes or access the website. Once we were approached Tidal Wave also realized that the new site was deployed incorrectly and the new site was drastically dropping off from his previous search rankings.

medical web site design
medical web site design
medical web site design

Doctor Reputation Management

This practice took over a brand with an already established reputation. Its previous reputation was OK at best but did not represent the expertise and level of care the new owner wanted. Building on the old reputation we were able to bring the practices overall reputation up to the level they were provided care at.

Overall Reputation

doctor reputation results before

Google Reviews

medical web site design


doctor reputation results after

Digital Marketing for Doctors

With a new site already launched before our involvement, the practice was dropping in new patients with no explanation. Proper technical documents were not used when launching the new site. Tidal Wave Marketing was able to catch the issue and implement the redirections and start having the practice regain all the lost organic search engine traffic. After setting up the proper foundation we were able to start a full marketing initiative with a mixture of paid, content and before and after photos.

New Patient Inquiries

digital marketing results for doctors

Medical Content Creation

Having a double surgical specialty within Dental Care is unique in itself. But being able to present and explain that to potential patients is unique in itself. Through a mixture of insurance information, pricing, and medical approach we were able to convince practice that this practice is the specialist.

Understanding Dental Implant Options

Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Emergency Dental Services

PPC Campaign Management

Through a blend of hyper local targeting, off hours and weekend emergency services and long-tail search terms, Tidal Wave was able to bring a new channel of patient inquiries in a competitive paid industry.

Ad and Keyword Variable Testing

Search Term Research

Advanced Call and Email Tracking

Medical Photography

Being in such a results and visually oriented industry this practice needed to showcase the drastic results they were achieving for their patients. After training the doctors in how to take and organize the best photos to show before and after clearly we built a photo upload system. With this process we were able to provide the proper tagging to increase image search greatly.

Single Page Patient Results

medical web site design

Sortable Patient Gallery