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Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine’s Journey: Achieving a 79% Increase in Paid Search Conversions Case Study

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine is a clinical practice where we see patients of all gender identities with symptoms of chronic pelvic pain. They specialize in non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatment options for their patients.

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At a Glance: Impactful Results & Client Voices

Addressing Pelvic Pain
Building a GTM strategy for a nascent treatment in a complex/misunderstood medical speciality.

Developed Custom PPC Campaigns with Focused Ad Groups and Landing Pages

increase in paid search conversions year over year

The Path from Challenges to Solutions and Success

Understanding the Challenge

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) started as a one-single-specialty practice located in Manhattan, New York with no digital footprint. They needed a strategic partner to help them increase brand awareness, get new patients in the door, improve SEO of their website and help them grow into new locations across the United States.

Crafting the Solution

We implemented paid search marketing funnels to accelerate conversions while keeping cost per conversion low. We launched a new website with a schema structure built in on every single page to inform search engines exactly what their content is conveying. We implemented an organic social presence which not only increased their brand awareness and reach but also led to organic conversions. Using Authority Connect, we connected industry leaders to amplify their voice, educate patient advocates, and assert PRM’s thought leadership in the industry. In collaboration with our technology partner, we streamlined onboarding new business listings for new providers & locations. With our patient attribution service line, we were able to matchback phone calls & booked appointments to actual patients through the door.

Achieving Success

With our paid search marketing funnel implemented, we helped PRM increase conversions while decreasing cost per conversion steadily.

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