Plastic Surgery Marketing

Medical Practice Branding

This doctor engaged Tidal Wave Marketing with an older website design that did not reflect the type practice she portrayed or compliment the physical space she beautifully design. The brand was meant to be clean and simple. With a focus on the shade of blue seen throughout her office and patient materials.

klausner brand name
klausner seal large
medical website design

Medical Practice Web Design

With a large focus on cosmetic the website needed to align with her practice mantra. Simple and natural. With clean, simple and bright elements the website is now in line with the philosophy of the practice. Additionally a central location for patient photos is now used and can be easily sorted through by procedure. The website highlights the doctors expertise as a leading female double board certified surgeon. All distinguishable points that potential patients relate to.

medical web site design
medical website design for photos
medical plastic surgery website design

Doctor Reputation Management

This doctor engaged us to help established more of an online reputation. In several key outlets there was no reputation or several reviews that either did not reflect her results or enough information about the things that made her a unique surgeon. Using our customizable system and staff training we helped control and build her online reputation on several key outlets.


online medical reputation management before

Reputation Management System and Training Set Up

medical web site design


online medical reputation management after

Digital Marketing for Doctors

WIth a full marketing campaign in swing Tidal Wave Marketing was able to use a blend of paid channels (Adwords, Bing, Yelp) along with proper SEO (search engine optimization) to increase traffic to the site. Most importantly conversions measurement were in place to track new patients inquiries.

Traffic from Real Profile Activity

realself marketing traffic

Patient Leads from Yelp

yelp medical marketing leads

PR and Media Placement for Doctors

With an established private practice and patient base satisfied with the procedures they received Tidal Wave Marketing leveraged this doctors differences to gain local and national media coverage. From article references, to news segments to patient and practice spotlights media exposure was gained across multiple outlets.

Medical Content Creation

Our experience staff of writers can produce content for a range of medical audiences. Whether we are producing referenced scholarly articles for publication submission or medical content for the layman our staff can handle it all. Medical content has a fine balance between a need to be informative and educational but also associate the provider with enough difference to be seen as an experience specialist in their field. For this doctor content needed to be accessible, friendly but always distinguishable. In the highly competitive field of plastic surgeon patients do extensive research about a prospective doctor. An average of 14 website are visited about a doctor before making contact. So all content must reflect the same approach and philosophy that the doctor provides in person.

Eclipse MicroPen Technology

Open versus Closed Rhinoplasty

Septal Perforation Specialist

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

After identifying the top playing functional and cosmetic procedures the doctor was looking to attract Tidal Wave Marketing did exhaustive research. Connecting the online search queries (layman terms) to the medical terminology in those codes and procedures in a mixture of data research and insights. Between doctor, staff, and patient interviews the data compiled was then cross referenced over search data. Constantly tweaking the ad language and keywords targeted we were able to increase online patient bookings by 300% and have appointments booked out over 2 months.

Internal and Data Research

Ad and Keyword Testing

Advanced Conversion Measurements