Pelvic Pain Doctor Marketing

Medical Practice Branding

This practice, with national growth aspirations, was started new from the ground up. This gave us an opportunity to really create strong, relevant branding for a the practice, website, and printed materials (business cards, sales tri-folds, etc…). The logo is inspired by a lotus flower, symbolizing the rejuvenation and transformation the flower makes. There is also an allusion to the pelvic floor represented by the bottom purple arch, supporting the lotus.

Medical Practice Web Design

Being a specialists within his field this client wanted to make sure his differences were highlighted and potential patients understood that he was very focused in what he treated. The website needed a clear message that those looking at it immediately associated with him particular medical focus. Besides being an educational tool for those looking for a specify treatment it needed to highlight the press and awards the doctor received within his field.

medical web site design
medical web site design
medical web site design

Doctor Reputation Management

This practice had a glowing reputation among its past and current patients. We aimed to help extend that through developing an in-person and digital process to build and showcase patient experiences. Using our customizable system and staff training we helped control and maintain their online reputation bringing it more exposure.


doctor reputation results before

After On-Site

medical web site design

After Off-Site

doctor reputation results after

Digital Marketing for Doctors

This practice carried a unique challenge because not only was their specialty misunderstood by patients it was often mistreated or undiagnosed by the medical community. With an education forward approach, we were able to inform and attract long-suffering patients looking for this type of specialty care. Along with providing resources and material to education potential referring medical community members.

Traffic from organic searches

Pelvic Pain Doctor Organic Traffic Growth

Medical Content Creation

Being that this client was literally developing the treated protocol we were marketing our content staff had to jump head first into understanding the field. Through months of research and preparation before launching our staff become well informed on the nuances of not only the medical care but the psyche of potential patients. The treatments often saw patients with sensitive conditions or long-time sufferers of chronic pain so a carefully crafted approach was necessary.

Understanding the Complex Structure of Pelvic Pain

Unique Approach to Ultrasound Guided Trigger Point Injections

Helping Those with Chronic Pain from Endometriosis

PPC Campaign Management

After an extensive research and build of content for this client, our team had a strong understanding of the mindset of a potential patient. Using the written and video content Tidal Wave produced we built highly targeted paid ad campaigns around the key terms and demographics that their ideal patient fell into.

Ad and Keyword Variable Testing

Search Term Research

Advanced Call and Email Tracking

Medical Videography

A patient journey to finding healthcare solutions online is a complex one. Besides providing informative information the patient must attribute that information to your brand or doctors. Once that connection is made the patient wants to know and build as much of an understanding of that doctor before they will reach out to them. In short, we make the information clear and make the doctor approachable and human.


The Perfect Balance

medical web site design