Orthopedic Specialist Marketing

Medical Practice Branding

This practice was looking to establish a brand that spoke to the athletic patient base they were currently serving and looking to grow. Focusing on shoulder and knee injuries needed to be incorporated along with the brand name.

Healthcare Website Design

Medical Practice Web Design

Between a mixture of media assets, the practice already had and Tidal Wave Marketing helping develop more targeted videos the website needed to be laid out not only as information but distinguishing in a tasteful way.

Healthcare Website Design
medical web design layout
medical web site design symptom checker

Doctor Reputation Management

This practice and its doctor has a quality reputation online. But they needed help establishing a system to increase the quantity and recency. Doctor reputation management not only needs to be at a place of quality or positive standing but also be increasing the number of reviews and how recent they have been shared.

On-Site Snapshot

doctor reputation results before

Search Results

google doctor reputation results


google doctor reputation results

Digital Marketing for Doctors

WIth a full marketing campaign in swing Tidal Wave Marketing was able to use a blend of paid channels (Adwords, Bing, Yelp) along with proper SEO (search engine optimization) to increase traffic to the site. Most importantly conversions measurement were in place to track new patients inquiries.

New Patient Inquiries

digital marketing for doctors reports

Traffic from Yelp Searches

yelp marketing for doctors

Medical Content Creation

This practice has a focus in specializing on specific joints related to orthopedic injuries and also being at the forefront of robotic technology and non-surgical intervention. The content that Tidal Wave Marketing produced for this practice needed to represent both of those distinguishing facts.

A2M Injections Process and Treatment

Partial and Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Stitching Techniques to Repair Meniscus Tear

Medical Videography

A patient journey to finding healthcare solutions online is a complex one. Besides providing informative information the patient must attribute that information to your brand or doctors. Once that connection is made the patient wants to know and build as much of an understanding of that doctor before they will reach out to them. In short, we make the information clear and make the doctor approachable and human. When possible patient video testimonials of real patients and real results only further connects with a potential patient.

Educational Physician Videos

doctor marketing videos

Patient Testimonials

healthcare patient testimonial videos

Patient Expectation Videos

medical patient testimonial videos

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

After an extensive research and build of content for this client, our team had a strong understanding of the mindset of a potential patient. Using the written and video content Tidal Wave produced we built highly targeted paid ad campaigns around the key terms and demographics that their ideal patient fell into.

Ad and Keyword Variable Testing

Search Term Research

Advanced Call and Email Tracking