Hip Specialist Marketing

Medical Practice Branding

The doctor at this practice has a website that was outdated and was not functional to use on all devices. Needing an overhaul on the website we took this as an opportunity to bring a brand to the practice. A simple and approachable logo was designed. This doctor was established in the medical field as being the leader in Hip and Groin Preservation techniques but that specialty needed to be portrayed to potential patients as well.

Medical Practice Web Design

Being a specialist in one medical field separates you from the medical field. But being a specialist in two medical fields and combining how those fields interact separates you even further. Tidal Wave Marketings challenge was conveying this extremely specialized field in a manner that came off as digestible and informative.

medical web site design
medical web site design
medical web site design

Digital Marketing for Doctors

WIth a full marketing campaign in swing Tidal Wave Marketing was able to use a blend of paid channels (Adwords, Bing, Yelp) along with proper SEO (search engine optimization) to increase traffic to the site. Most importantly conversions measurement were in place to track new patients inquiries.

Traffic from organic searches

digital marketing results for doctors

Medical Content Creation

Through multiple interviews with the doctor himself, reading through medical journals and association presentation our content staff was able to provide the foundation of content for the new website that showcased this unique specialty.

Hip and Groin Preservation Techniques

Hip Cartilage Restoration

Osteitis Pubis

Medical Videography

A patient journey to finding healthcare solutions online is a complex one. Besides providing informative information the patient must attribute that information to your brand or doctors. Once that connection is made the patient wants to know and build as much of an understanding of that doctor before they will reach out to them. In short, we make the information clear and make the doctor approachable and human.


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The Perfect Balance



medical videography services

PPC Campaign Management

After an extensive research and build of content for this client, our team had a strong understanding of the mindset of a potential patient. Using the written and video content Tidal Wave produced we built highly targeted paid ad campaigns around the key terms and demographics that their ideal patient fell into.

Ad and Keyword Variable Testing

Search Term Research

Advanced Call and Email Tracking