Hearing Specialist Marketing

Medical Practice Branding

The doctor at this practice has a website that was outdated and was not functional to use on all devices. Needing an overhaul on website we took this as an opportunity to bring a brand to the practice. A simple and approachable logo was designed. The logo had text that conveyed his specialty along with an icon that showed his area of expertise. The text and icon logo was designed to be separated for different uses across social media and other marketing platforms. The new brand was set up across his presence online as well as off line in his practice. Patient forms, pamphlets and educational items were not branded with his unique and recognizable logo.

Medical Practice Web Design

Being a specialists within his field this client wanted to make sure his differences were highlighted and potential patients understood that he was very focused in what he treated. The website needed a clear message that those looking at it immediately associated with him particular medical focus. Besides being an educational tool for those looking for a specify treatment it needed to highlight the press and awards the doctor received within his field.

medical web site design
medical web site design
medical web site design

Doctor Reputation Management

This doctor engaged us to help established more of an online reputation. In several key outlets there was no reputation or several reviews that either did not reflect his specialty or enough information about the key differences of his practice. Use our customizable system and staff training we help control and maintain his online reputation bringing it more exposure.


doctor reputation results before

Reputation Management System and Training Set Up

medical web site design


doctor reputation results after

Digital Marketing for Doctors

WIth a full marketing campaign in swing Tidal Wave Marketing was able to use a blend of paid channels (Adwords, Bing, Yelp) along with proper SEO (search engine optimization) to increase traffic to the site. Most importantly conversions measurement were in place to track new patients inquiries.

Traffic from organic searches

digital marketing results for doctors

Traffic from Yelp Searches

yelp business page data for doctors

PR and Media Placement for Doctors

With an established private practice and credentials at several prominent local hospitals Tidal Wave Marketing leveraged this doctors expertise to gain local and national media coverage. From article references, to news segments to patient and practice spotlights media exposure was gained across multiple outlets.

Medical Content Creation

Our experience staff of writers can produce content for a range of medical audiences. Whether we are producing referenced scholarly articles for publication submission or medical content for the layman our staff can handle it all. Medical content has a fine balance between a need to be informative and educational but also associate the provider with enough difference to be seen as an experience specialist in their field. For this doctor many technical and highly specialized procedures needed to be explain in a digestible manner. Copywriting for the website itself needed to be engaging and mark him as the specialist in his field.

Explanation of Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Specialist Difference of In/Out of Office Ear Tube Placement

Cochlear Implant Candidacy

Insurance Benefits Verification System

As a highly specialized surgeon this doctor is out of network will almost all insurance types. To help inform patients better and support the staff is creating an appointment waitlist our virtual insurance benefits process was set up. A realtime process with a 24 hour turn around provides granular insurance insurance from deductible, in and out of network benefits to fee schedule and more. This data allows for more qualified patients to book in a timely manner.

Patient Data Submitted

Virtual Benefits Check

medical web site design

Automatic Benefits Response