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Marketing | Practice Managment Healthcare Rap Podcast – Is Consumer-Centered Healthcare Possible?

Our Co-Founder, Bryan Cush, was featured on the Healthcare Rap podcast as the “Flava of the Week” about the destination where we want to go with the the Digital Transformation Movement. For more information on Healthcare Rap, please visit their website at:

Posted on January 8 2021
Marketing | Practice Managment Understanding Healthcare Customer Decisions

Estimated Reading Time: 12 Minutes Terms like the retailization, consumer experience, and customer journey are not new ones. But, especially in this COVID world, they are becoming new again in healthcare. Rightfully so, healthcare needs to understand and communicate to its customers in an improved and more efficient manner.  Healthcare is just another consumer industry […]

Posted on September 3 2020
Marketing | Practice Managment Healthcare Rap Podcast – Does the internet see you as an expert?

Hosted by Jared Johnson & Peter Balistrieri, our Co-founder, Bryan Cush, discussed how you and your health content can be viewed as trustworthy. In this episode, you’ll learn the building blocks for your healthcare content to compete in search, how to match your digital expertise with your physical, and how Google’s quality rater guidelines apply […]

Posted on August 12 2020
Marketing | Practice Managment Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

During episode 63 of Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli, Mike had the opportunity to spend time with a former healthcare industry outsider who is now making a sizable impact for providers and the patients they serve. Bryan Cush is the President and Co-Founder of Tidal Health Group, a specialized agency focused on the digital representation […]

Posted on June 30 2020
Marketing | SEO Table Of Contents Can Provide Additional Link Options In Organic Search

Co-Founder of Tidal Health Group, Bryan Cush, talks to Search Engine Land about implementing anchor jumps that match a page element with the same ID, you may be able to gain some benefits in search and user experience. Seeing search results as real estate is nothing new. Digital marketers are constantly trying to gain “share” of that […]

Posted on June 26 2020
Marketing | SEO Shift in Healthcare Search

As a co-founder of a healthcare marketing agency, we are constantly in the process of communication to “qualify” our clients as a voice of authority or expertise. This evolving process can be explicitly seen by the ever-changing and updating policies (Healthcare and medicines and Prescription drugs) in regards to healthcare advertising. If you are in this space […]

Posted on April 23 2020

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