Video – Private Medical Practice

How to start a medical practice

In the first video of the “Start a Medical Practice” series you will learn about Identity and start up costs.

Video 1:(31 minutes)

Identity and Start Up Costs for a Private Practice Doctor

-How to Incorporate your business
-What are the Tax Benefits and implications
-What are the differences between Group and Individual NPI Numbers
-How to identifying your brand and demographic
-What you need to get started
-How to set up a practice with a $10,000 Budget
-How to set up a practice with a $100,000 Budget

CME for Starting a Medical Practice Series

To learn more about this video series and how to receive CME credits for finishing and passing the series exam please visit the website for Creative Practice Solutions HERE.

About Creative Practice Solutions

Tidal Wave Marketing is a long time partner to Creative Practice Solutions. They are a business consulting company geared towards Medical Professionals.  With over 27 years experience in Healthcare administration, they have improved the functioning, efficiency and collections of both private practice and outpatient hospital departments throughout New York City.  Additionally Tidal Wave Marketing is also a long time partner to their sister company, VGA Billing Services, Inc., which has collected over $41 Million for their clients since 2011. VGA Billing specializes in the auditing and analysis of existing medical billing systems and policies. They are also a full billing service for patient and insurance accounts, accounts receivable recovery and fee schedule/rates analysis. Together these three agencies have been providing services to medical and healthcare professional in the New York metro area for years and have helped streamline and expand numerous private practices.

Bryan Cush, MS was featured on RustyBrick’s Search Vlog

Bryan Cush, MS was featured on RustyBrick’s Search Vlog

RustyBrick CEO, Barry Schwartz, interviewed our Co-founder, Bryan Cush, MS on his Youtube Channel, Search Engine Roundtable. Bryan Cush, the co-founder of Tidal Health Group, a healthcare marketing company, stopped by my office to chat SEO and healthcare marketing....

Changing The Provider Experience

Changing The Provider Experience

Bryan Cush, Co-Founder of Tidal Health Group is on a mission to change the way consumers find providers. Backed with a strong purpose and the courage to try, he and his team are tackling the large task at hand. Listen along as Bryan shares a bit on his background, the...

Healthcare’s Self-reinforcing cycle

The Greater your level of Authority, the more consumers you can attract.

The more consumers you attract, the more important your level of Authority Becomes.

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