Paid Search


Targeting specific user-generated keywords on search engines like Google is one of the most essential tools available for reaching consumers in the digital marketing space. Paid search, also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC), allows you to track your return on investment based on the number of visitors you attract from different search queries. Our challenge as a healthcare PPC agency is to understand a healthcare consumer’s intent and leverage this knowledge into successful campaigns.

Healthcare PPC is one of the core services offered by Tidal Health Group to assist your medical company in patient acquisition. The success of a paid search campaign depends on proper tracking, ad page experience, and effective advertising content. We are able to draw on our extensive experience, as well as exclusive healthcare marketing technology, to optimize your healthcare search engine marketing efforts.

A key tool for PPC in healthcare is our unique HealthAuthority™  website platform and its built-in ads landing page technology. Here are the steps that we take to ensure that your medical entity is getting the most possible bang for its buck:

  1. Keyword Research – Our keyword research uses advanced analytics to pinpoint the highest-priority target search keywords for paid search, as well as page content on your website
  2. Funnel Strategy
  3. Landing Page Development
  4. Full Attribution Tracking

Paid search is the highest-performing channel available in digital marketing, with conversion rates across all industries sometimes reaching above 20%. Our team is able to implement advanced user tracking and build a data-driven funnel strategy to help your medical search engine marketing efforts succeed.

The Greater your level of Authority, the more consumers you can attract.


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