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Learn your strengths and weaknesses in the digital healthcare ecosystem

Why Tidal Health Group? We are the leading digital healthcare and medical marketing agency based in New York. We have been working exclusively in the healthcare field for 10 years and are the leading agency on understanding the psychology of digital healthcare consumption. Our founder has presented on, “The Psychology of Digital Healthcare”, covering the complex path of consumer healthcare research. We use the experience of 10 years of healthcare marketing while following the two primary sources produced by Google, The Digital Path to Wellness: ThinkWith Google Consumer Insight Study and Guideline Source: Google Quality Raters Guidelines.

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Is your reputation hindering your marketing efforts?

ThinkWith Google Consumer Insight Study, 94% of online healthcare decisions interact with the reputation of the facility/doctor.

Is technology helping or hurting you?

10% more of mobile healthcare searches lead to appointments.A one second delay in load times can impact conversation rates up to 20%.

Are you answering the way your consumer is searching?

It is estimated that at least 5%, the largest topic, of all online searches are healthcare related. Over 75% of those billions of healthcare searches fall under the categories of symptoms and conditions, not brand or treatments.

Are you controlling all your online information?

On average a searcher visits 15.3 healthcare websites before taking physical action.

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Are you targeting and tracking your ad dollars properly?

21% of all traffic coming from a paid ad considers the healthcare brand behind the advertisement. This shows that people are eager to get an answer to their healthcare concerns but also that they trust search ads. 5% of the traffic coming from paid ads contact the healthcare brand placing the advertisement.

Are you meeting the standard behind producing healthcare content?

On August 1, 2018 a core algorithm update was made to the Google search results. It was labeled the “E.A.T.” (Expertise, Authority, Trust) update and it greatly affected sites that that fall under the categories of information know as “YMYL” (Your Money Your Life). The most affected category of websites was health.

insurance verification

Are you meeting the legal standards and requirements of healthcare sites?

Not only the most common, HIPPA notices, privacy policies, and ADA compliancy, but the requirements behind advertising and PHI (personal health information). With 5% of all online searches being healthcare related are you approved to get in front of the ones you need.

Who is the digital audit for?

If you’re looking to be seen as an authority on any type of healthcare content, this audit is a necessity. Google has recently made, August 2018 and March 2019, large scale improvements to their algorithms. One update has been labeled the “Medic” update because of the massive effect it had on healthcare sites. One of the main concepts to know about producing healthcare content is E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trust). Google publicly states this acronym as the categorization they use in their quality raters guidelines. These are guidelines giving to individuals who rate websites found in search results. If that site speaks to someone’s healthcare it is held to a higher standard (E.A.T.) than other non-medical sites. You now have the burden of proving that the individuals behind this content are qualified to be speaking about the topic and portray expertise, authority, and trust as objectively as you can.

What can I expect the audit to cover?

Each one of our audits is manual researched and written so many findings are exclusive to the company we are performing it for. But there are core topics and topics that we always provide research around.

What do I do with this audit?

The audit provides the framework on implementing many of the suggestions. We also know the scope of this audit is larger than anyone solutions provider. We have created partnerships, identified the leaders and built proprietary technology to aid in the implementation of most of our categories covered.

Local Search/Reputation

  • Brand and Doctor Scoring
  • Google My Business Listing Audit
  • Competitive Analysis


  • Hosting/Sitespeed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Security


  • On Page SEO
  • Sitemap


  • Tracking
  • Conversion/Goal Setup
  • Data Capture
  • Backlink Analysis


  • Campaign Structure
  • Targeting
  • ROI
  • Tracking


  • Implementation
  • Health on the Net Principles
  • Authorship


  • Policies/Documentation
  • ADA Compliancy

Miscellaneous Findings

  • Current and past marketing efforts
*All legal audits, information, and recommendations are done in partnership with Rodin Legal, P.C., a leading healthcare law firm with decades of experience. Any information provided by Rodin Legal will be clearly noted.

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