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Medical Billing Meets Medical Marketing.
Increase Revenue / Decrease Time

Your billing data shouldn’t just collect you money once, it should be constantly crafting your brand and marketing efforts.

Use your medical billing data to your advantage. You are sitting on a pile of medical billing data that most often once a code is submitted and claimed never sees the light of day again. But why should medical billing and medical marketing be seen as two separate entities. Tidal Health Group has been gathering and partnering with billing agencies for years to utilize all that data and craft a more proactive and intelligent marketing campaign on behalf of its clients.

A doctor looking for a medical marketing agency, or improving on their existing digital marketing, should be asking two fundamental questions:
This intersection is where your marketing dollars should be spent to best represent yourself and attract the patients you want.

What do I want to be doing?

As a doctor, before any marketing starts on your behalf, you should precisely lay out what it is that you want to be doing. This could be as broad as physical exams or as specific as turbinate reductions. You have control over how you are represented online and it should reflect exactly where you want to be. If may not be exactly where you are but it should be exactly where you want to be. This is because anyone that finds you online will not know anything else about you except what you are putting out there. The medical procedures and treatments you are looking to market should be fused into everything aspect of your brand and reputation. From your biography on your business listing to the content of a patient’s review on your yelp page. This may seem impossible but with the proper preparation and processes in place you can become the specialists in whatever you are looking to be doing.

What makes the practice money?

It would be simple if the conversation could end at what you want. But once paired against what makes you money you will begin to find the engine of proper medical marketing create a recurring referral source already filtered to what you are offering. This can be bucketed into two areas insurance and non-insurance.

Non-insurance is straightforward. What are the cash payment procedures that treatments that are most profitably and have demand for them. Insurance based requires digging deeper and understanding what insurances along with what CPT codes are most profitable. Creating a running list of the top insurance plans and CPT codes provides a valuable insight in many ways. In the perspective of medical marketing we can start to create a demographic around the ideal patient for your practice. This can revolve around the personal activities that a patient can be doing that could cause a need for your medical attention. To a demographic of location, age, profession, gender and much more. Creating a profile of your ideal patient allows you to be acutely aware of how to present yourself along with how to build an intelligent medical marketing machine.

Optimal Marketing Focus

You now have a roadmap of what you want to be doing and the profile of your ideal patient. To market the doctor and connect with that ideal patient, we harness your billing data one step further. Associated to those CPT codes are ICD-10 prognosis codes. These are one step closer to the patients online search habits. ICD-10 codes are still rich in medical language that is the minority of online healthcare queries. To see the studies and read an in depth explanation of this process read Medical Marketing, Think Like a Patient and the Google ThinkWith study that reveals less than 10% of the 70 billion medical queries in a given year are about specific treatments.

Having those ICD-10 codes we walk backwards on the path of the patients search journey until we connect to the layman terms that potential patients are searching for online that directly correspond to those ICD-10 codes and eventually to the CPT codes we initially laid out as what you want to attract.

That initial profile of treatment and patient need to be repeated throughout every medium that is connected to you. The patient photos you post, the content you write, the reviews about you, the associations you align yourself with, they all need to distinguish you and the leader in the exact field you want to be in.

Many times doctors we work with and are just starting to help market already carry that esteem within their community. That is position all doctors should hope to be in but realize has its limitation in reach. Patients can not always consult with someone who has a medical background. Medical professionals can not know who to always refer to, or have motivations to refer elsewhere. So that medical community prestige must be translated and represented in the online world through intelligent medical marketing.

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