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How do you handle communicating real-time changes to your patients? How do you handle a rapid increase in inbound inquiries to your healthcare business?

For healthcare and medical businesses there is no question that these confusing times have been an operational and financial burden to their businesses. We are approaching this unprecedented challenge from two perspectives on behalf of our clients. 

  1. Things will return back to normal at some point
  2. Patient communication and safety need to be efficient and effective

On the first point we are helping our clients manage the delicate situation of delaying current and future patients. Undoubtedly patients are nervous and looking to cancel, reschedule or postpone medical appointments until there is more clarity. Even if physical consultations are reducing or coming to a halt all together, your business can and still operate digitally and more specifically remotely. 

Through one of our strategic technology partnerships, MedChatApp, we have been able to rapidly deploy or ramp up our clients abilities to work remotely from an administrative and clinical ability. Additionally, we have been able to support the rapid increase in call volumes through the setup of automated chatbots and live chat agents. 

This has been triggered by a population health event that will eventually come under control. For our clients that were already on the MedChatApp platform they already had workflows in place to handle non COVID-19 inquiries (appointment, prescription, and other questions) at scale. We quickly deployed new automated workflows and live agents seats dedicated specifically to the COVID-19 inquiries. 

From those learnings we were also able to launch mirrored workflows for other clients that were new to the platform. 

“Going into a formal channel partner relationship with Tidal Health Group only a few months ago proved to be extremely beneficial for their clients sooner than we thought”, says Matt Yagey, CEO of MedChatApp. “It has been tremendous to provide support anywhere we can for quick and scalable healthcare communications.”

Matt and his team have quickly proven to be a tremendous resource for the Tidal Health Group team and our clients. 

When a communications overload happens it is important to have checkpoints in place to handle that. Increasing staff availability may not always be readily available. In numerous instances we aided our clients in updating their call tree/hold language to direct patients to the website and ultimately chat/chatbot support. Email, social and SMS notifications were sent regularly to update patients about operational changes and move as much inbound inquiry volume to chat as possible. In the matter of days/week we have helped triage patients clinically. Through a set of clinical screening questions and clinical live agents our clients have been able to properly steer patients for testing or self quarantine. Secondarily from that we have helped direct and capture non COVID-19 inquiries. 

It is important to remember that a large portion of patients may be moving consultations, treatments or surgeries today but it will only be a matter of time until things get back to normal. We must properly communicate with all of our clients patients, not just the population health event ones.

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