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Being sold to when you are not looking to purchase always puts a bad taste in your mouth. This is especially true in the healthcare/medical industry. The public will quickly judge your practice depending on how you present information to them on a digital scale. It is important to position yourself as a educated, versed leader within your health speciality. ThinkWith Google is an insightful platform that shows trends and progression in all industries. VP of Search Marketing Josh Palau, has a succinct and appropriate response to marketing within health based queries. He says, “The more you can answer a users question, and resist the sale, the better the user experience will be.” To expand on that further, the user will now associate the source, you, as a credible and relevant outlet for their medical needs.

Patients Need Medical Answers

The first results a potential patient should see when they search for medical diagnosis online should be an answer. It is a very personal and intimate process when someone types medical queries into search engines. If someone is being sold a solution to something they are only started to learn about they will disregard that source immediately. In the longer picture it is beneficial to position yourself as a highly informative and truthful source. The association made to your name or practice by providing relevant medical answers will create a connection between your practice and the potential patient. You will already be labeled and seen as a trustworthy source of medical knowledge.

Medical Marketing Content

The craft of writing medical content with the goal of marketing towards prospective patients in unique. Firstly the content must be compliant to federal standards and private marketing standards within the likes of Google and Bing. Secondly the voice and verbiage must create a delicate balance between informative and leading. The content must provide answers to what the person is seeking. It also needs to make a connection to that individual in a manner where you are deemed trustworthy and they believe your expertise is needed. Tidal Wave Marketing, Medical Marketing Specialists, focuses in the development of content that is suited to fits those needs.

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