New York Medical Marketing

Are you looking to move away from the unreliable model of physician referrals?

percentage of online medical researchAs medical marketing specialist based in New York we help create multiple streams of patient referrals from the web. Our New York Medical Marketing team has been helping doctors launch, expand and refine their practices for years. By working in the metro area of New York City we have developed an expertise to this region and a high level of success for local doctors. Our understand of where the demand for each specialty is online along with where the best places are to showcase your expertise makes our specialized experience unique.

Patients are looking for you onlinenew york medical marketing online search percentages

With tens of millions of patients in the New York Metro area a demand for every specialty and every procedure is being searched for. As a medical doctor in the New York area you just need to make sure you are connected with those people that are already looking for you and your specialty. By highlighting you, your experience, your expertise and your high level of patient care in the right areas you will become recognized as a credible and reliable source online just as you are offline. The medical marketing process of showcasing your expertise online is done through several channels creating multiple sources of referral. This also you to never have to rely again on one particular source as the center of your patient referrals. The best part about building a digital reputation is that it compounds over time and never disappears or retires. Our new york medical marketing services are meant to compliment your practice and grow throughout the years with you. This is done through several channels such as:

Doctor Reputation Management

-showcasing your high level of patient care through real patient reviews has an immeasurable long term value


Digital Medical Marketing

-connecting with potential patients in the right locations online is our speciality

medical marketing research percentages

Online Patient Research Process


Doctor Marketing

-using your name as a doctor and leveraging those looking for you as well connecting your name to the procedures and ailments that your treat will bring in new patients

Medical Web Development

-a beautiful website is important, but the specifics that distinguish that site as a credible medical source are what make it work

New York Medical Marketing Specialists

These are just a few of the digital services that we provide to doctors in the New York metro area. We also help the full life cycle of practice management and provide in office and offline support in the areas of:

Office Staff Training: as the first point of contact with new patients your staff should be fully educated in what differentiates you and your practice.

Medical Billing: through long successful partnership with medical billing specialists we have helped decrease patient volumes while increasing the doctors reimbursement.

Surgery Center Placement: with established relationships and connection in the Tri State area we have helped place doctors into equity positions within surgery centers allowing them to collect more for their current procedures.

Our goal is to help your see the patients and exact volume that you want to be seeing.