Bryan Cush, MS was featured on RustyBrick’s Search Vlog

RustyBrick CEO, Barry Schwartz, interviewed our Co-founder, Bryan Cush, MS on his Youtube Channel, Search Engine Roundtable.

Bryan Cush, the co-founder of Tidal Health Group, a healthcare marketing company, stopped by my office to chat SEO and healthcare marketing. Bryan is pretty technical and is able to bridge that with his deep understand of medical and health, with marketing and site development – I find it to be a beautiful thing. They work primarily on patient acquisition and authority building for their clients. We dug a bit into this and how he works with his clients.

Challenges Using Health Data For Content:

We briefly spoke about the delicate aspects of using your internal health data and client health data for content marketing purposes. Bryan explained he shares an office with an attorney and has tons of insurance because of the sensitivity of this data. He shared some stories of how he used some of his clients data to map keyword data around technical terms versus what the consumers type in search for that technical term. So there is a key need to map your data for marketing purposes. This may be more important in health than in other industries.

Did you know Google used MUM for a similar purpose, to identify and map 800 or so different variations of the COVID vaccine names. Bryan said they don’t necessarily use AI or machine learning for this but rather a simple structured taxonomy where you do data mapping over time. He said you can use this method over and over again, no matter who the client is.

Understanding Healthcare Customer Decisions

Understanding Healthcare Customer Decisions

Estimated Reading Time: 12 Minutes Terms like the retailization, consumer experience, and customer journey are not new ones. But, especially in this COVID world, they are becoming new again in healthcare. Rightfully so, healthcare needs to understand and communicate...

Healthcare’s Self-reinforcing cycle

The Greater your level of Authority, the more consumers you can attract.

The more consumers you attract, the more important your level of Authority Becomes.

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