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Is it Time for a
Healthcare Moonshot?

Moonshot definition:
Aiming to solve a pivotal problem using a radical solution that employs breakthrough technology.

Have you ever experienced the excitement of a moonshot project? Our healthcare moonshot gives us that excitement every day.

The need is clear: Countless individuals are bewildered and frustrated by the healthcare system, when all they want is to get the care they need. They tell us heartbreaking stories all the time…

They have a serious health problem but doctors can’t find the cause


They find the cause but can’t find the right doctor


They find the right doctor and can’t afford the treatment


They get treated, and are hit with surprise bills

Our intention is this: To efficiently connect more people with proper healthcare than anyone else by better understanding and responding to consumers’ needs.


We have already begun.

We are…

1. The impartial, data-driven, highly-effective advisory and implementation team that helps both patients and professionals navigate the ever-evolving world of healthcare.

2. Consistently increasing success for quality healthcare enterprises by matching consumers to their expertise.

3. Merging our deep understanding of healthcare organizations and delivery systems with our advanced expertise in digital, technological and customer-based problem solving.

4. Transforming authoritative healthcare organizations into leaders.

5. Taking extreme ownership of each client relationship and then fully engaging to solve complex technological, operational, and customer experience problems

6. Optimizing healthcare organizations’ digital presence to achieve exceptional levels of impact and growth.

7. Consistently achieving and leveraging valuable partnerships and relationships with providers, publishers, tech experts, and others to enhance our in-house solutions and services.

What is “Proper”

We define “proper” healthcare as the process that connects patients as quickly and directly as possible to the the medical professional or treatment that will most likely result in the best health outcome.

We especially focus on minimizing the number of interactions patients have before they reach the right provider.

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