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With a wealth of valuable experience across a wide variety of industries, Brian brings an extensive collection of useful tools to Tidal Health’s mission. Coming from a background with a Master’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, he has a gift for translating data to find opportunities, and for creating processes that are efficient, practical, and add the most possible value to your business.

After working as a corporate engineering consultant, Brian played a key part in modernizing his own family’s multimillion-dollar business, crafting a comprehensive digital strategy that greatly increased web traffic and brought in droves of loyal new customers. During this time, he occupied several different roles within the company and gained a uniquely deep understanding of the relationship between digital marketing and all other aspects of running a successful business.

Brian applied these skills to running his own marketing agency for over three years before co-founding Tidal Health Group. He takes pride and satisfaction in collaborating with our clients to overcome challenges and offer the best service for their patients.

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