Our Staff

Bryan J. Cush – Co Founder/Strategic Partnerships

Bryan has extensive experience in the digital marketing and reputation management field. As a Loyalty and Sales Expert for Carnival Corporation he learned and developed the world of online review and research. The understanding between niche online groups and their overlap to the industry you are marketing became key in the success of his marketing efforts.

Bryan and the Tidal Wave Marketing have been published and showcased in numerous online outlets including their maintained relationship as a Google Partner.

With over a combined 10 years in digital marketing and more specifically medical showcasing Bryan has found himself extremely focused. After several years of being Head of Marketing for a large Manhattan Medical Suite he has been able to apply the successful strategies learned there to numerous other practices. With strong roots and ties to the Northeast, Tidal Wave Marketing has become the leader in represent Tri-State based practices and bringing the exposure to them they deserve.

Brian Dragich – Co Founder / Operations

Brian Dragich, has extensive experience across all different business environments. Having worked in corporate engineering consulting, worn many hats in his own family’s successful business, and being a partner in a previous digital agency, Brian uniquely understands what digital needs start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business have to propel themselves.

He brought his family’s multimillion dollar business into the digital age by truly understanding who they serve and who their ideal customers are, unifying their branding, redesigning their website and digital platforms, moving away from all print advertising to a strategic content and social media marketing strategy, and even launching an all new loyalty program. Because of these efforts web traffic doubled year over year, customer engagement grew steadily, sales skyrocketed, and repeat customers came back for more over and again.

Brian brings all these experiences to Tidal Wave Marketing to best serve our medical marketing clients while maintaining an attractive esthetic today’s top physicians deserve.

Elaina Prossimo – Social Media/Community Manager

Elaina joined the Tidal Health Group bringing a unique skillset of connecting niche healthcare with communities on social platforms. She quickly gained the title of social ninja.

There is endless social data that can seem daunting and she is able to cut through and connect those is need with those providing care. Whether is it awareness, research, care or any healthcare action, being able to tap into vocal online communities has a powerful effect.

She is at the heart of what the Tidal Health Group specializes in, understanding complex journeys to making healthcare decisions online.

Meaghan Cush – Office / Staff Development

Meaghan has brought an indispensable amount of experience to the team. With years of experience Managing and coordinating the internal efforts of a large medical suite she provides great insight to the processes needed to determine your most qualified patients. Her experience becomes a huge assets to your practice because she has hands on understanding of insurance and staff development.

Our medical marketing efforts will funnel the patient towards your services and Meaghan will help train your staff to pre-qualify patients to determine the highest quality and proper care. With these two filters in place you will be developed to a point where only the exact patient with the precise needs you are looking for comes through the door.

Jack Filipkowski – Digital Marketing Associate

Jack may be the newest and youngest member of our team but you wouldn’t be able to tell that. There is no question that digital marketing, especially in healthcare, is a constantly evolving landscape. Jack leads the efforts to stay at or ahead of the curve.

This is centered around schema markup data. Healthcare information and data is always improving so search engines want to be as well. Formatting and tagging our clients’ information in a technically recognizable format only helps search engines and people better find the information they are looking for.

Petr Benadik – Lead Developer

Petr is a wizard, not the Harry Potter kind, but just as cool. His skills range from complex web design to seamless UI/UX experiences to strategic product development. As the backbone of Tidal Wave Marketing Petr helps bring the technology to life that is better serving our clients and the healthcare industry.

With data behind the key behind all our decisions, research and success Petr is the glue to the massive flow of data that healthcare and marketing can provide. Tidal Wave prides itself on providing actionable and understood reporting, which all starts with Petr.

Now that we think about everything Petr can do he is actually cooler than Harry Potter.

Dan Cangelosi – Videographer

Dan is our resident videographer with years of experience covering all ranges of healthcare media. There is no denying the power and exposure of video which is why Tidal Wave Marketing double-downed on its ability to help produce video with our own Manhattan studio location.

Dan works very closely with our digital marketing team because we always push to give the answers to the questions people are searching for.

It is important to have a quality video representation of the providers and services they offer. But it is as equally as important to meet the people searching for healthcare answers in the middle. We are constantly evolving to understand how people search for health care and provide them the answers they need. Those efforts are lead by relevant video production.

Tom Hayes – Photographer

Tom Hayes is our photographer with over 10 years of experience shooting straight forward headshots to capturing that moment of recognition hearing for the first time.

Spending equal time in the studio as he does on the road, Tom is always focusing on creating and using beautiful light to tell the story or moment. Tidal Wave Marketing takes pride in representing the experience and level of care our clients offer and that starts with great visuals. Tom has an impeccable ability to tell a full story with one single photo.

Tom is passionate about travel, good food, and outdoor adventures.