Understanding Your Medical Practice Listing Results

doctor listing errorsFor doctors and the medical field in general there business listings are notoriously ridden with errors. Your data is pulled from national NPI databases as well as state by state medical commerce sites. Most doctors don’t realize that these are accounts that they control and are usually on a dashboard where you order things like new prescription pads. These data sources are pulled by an automated system that populates listings regardless of there accuracy. Directories and business listings are always looking for QUANTITY over QUALITY. This can be seen clearly by duplicate listings even when you have corrected updated your information.

Why does your Medical Practice information matter?

incorrect doctor business listingsThere are hundreds if not thousands of online business listing directories. More importantly there are numerous medical sites that also pull this information to populate your individual doctor profile as well. There are two perspective to think about with this process. First, people that are already searching for you by name or practice are going to have issues finding the proper contact information. Even if you have not set up or claimed your incorrect listings the inaccurate information will still show online and you will either be losing or misdirecting potential patients.

Take a look at the snapshot on the right for this doctor. When someone searches for him by name he is attached to an address in Manhattan, a business listing in Fort Lee, NJ and a doctor listing in New York, NY. Best of all is that none of them are correct. His practice is at a completely different address from the one that is listed.

Secondly, doctor profiles are auto-populated on numerous sources where a high volume of traffic occur for people actively looking for medical care. These are potential patients that are looking for your speciality or for treatment for an ailment that you offer. By having incorrect information you are now losing out on new patients. If your profile is put into the correct taxonomy whether it is urology or internist, are all your accomplishments and certifications being highlighted to those potential patients? If you are not showcasing your board certifications, professional associations, and volunteer work you are only hampering the differences that make you stand out as a top quality medical professional.

Doctor or Practice Name Inaccuracies

You may not have a preference of being referred to as Doctor or MD but that lack of consistency online can create confusion. Whether you preface your name with Dr, end it with MD, or include you middle initial does not matter. It matters that you choose one way and make sure that it is shown uniformly across the web. This may seem trivial but it can become issue especially when you have a common name, or there happens to be several doctors with the same name.

doctor or practice name


Medical Category or Specialty

What your are of medical focus is in is clearly important to have showcased. You want to drive patients that are only looking for care that you can offer. Having the correct medical specialty is paramount to minimizing your staffs time of handling improperly informed patients. Additionally you may have multiply or overlapping areas of expertise. This is often seen in the cosmetic fields. Where you may correctly be listed as an ENT but you are missing out on a secondary label as a Plastic Surgeon. This is a whole category of traffic that you are cutting yourself out of. There are occasions where your medical speciality may be improperly labeled as way. In most cases this replaces your name or practice. If you look below you can this this doctors practice name and location are showing where is actually name should be. 

medical practice listings




Control Your Medical / Doctor Listings

Determining and uploading a uniformed business listings is the first of main steps to bring more exposure to you and your practice online. The build and presentation of more medical specific outlets is much more in depth and pertinent. Tidal Wave Marketing has the experience and success to build your online presence to showcase your expertise and drive new patients to your practice. Contact the medical/doctor marketing specialist today to get a free proposal.