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Authority is the Pivot Point

Elevating your level of authority may be the most important thing we can do.

Authority is our focus because it is the pivot point in healthcare. Establish your credibility, gain the trust of your customers, and success is nearly inevitable.

Social media and technology platforms increasingly demand accurate, trustworthy information, especially in healthcare. They know that, with people’s health, credibility is crucial.

We know it too. We will establish you as a steadfast source of truth, so you can seize every opportunity to thrive—both online and in every aspect of your organization.

We will help you amplify your authority

Here are some of the many ways we will help you amplify your authority:

  • Involve your experts and your expertise deeply in the digital experience
  • Produce unique content (audio, video, written) in engaging and digestible formats
  • Partner with patient communities
  • Support your best-practice execution across emerging areas of marketing emphasis such as customer engagement, patient satisfaction, IT integration, and front-end/office operations
  • Align your enterprise with brands that have highly-engaged followings

Our leading-edge authority-building tools include:

  • Digital analytics
  • Online “expertise, authority and trustworthiness” control
  • Organizational audits
  • Authoritative events
  • Customer interaction and experience enhancement
  • Awareness and recognition-building
  • Reputation management
  • Acquisition support

Healthcare’s self-reinforcing credibility cycle

Every positive customer interaction builds your credibility. In fact, every way you augment your customers’ trust adds to the positive cycle you’re creating:

The greater your level of authority, the more consumers you can attract. → The more consumers you attract, the more important your level of authority becomes. … And the circle continues.

At Tidal, we turn quality organizations into authorities. We turn authorities into leaders.

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