Sinus Doctor Marketing

Medical Marketing Case Study

new york city sinus surgeryA learned need to re-brand

New York Sinus Surgeon

After working with the doctor for several years it became clear he needed to rebrand himself. Throughout our relationship in handling his physician marketing efforts we often met with his billing company and with the doctor himself. Through his own desire to focus solely on the functional aspect of his practice and the ability to reinforce the thought through his billing company a medical website redesign was in order. Working with the medical billing company we determined the cross section codes of what the doctor wanted to be performing and what made the most fiscal sense.


  • Re-branded website showcasing only functional sinus procedures
  • Newly developed content around speciality
  • Updated business and medical listings



  • Work with doctor to develop new design and feel of functional surgery website
  • Compiled pool of content ideas from patient interviews/symptoms and condition research
  • Updated revamped bio/about pages across the web
  • Recategorized business/doctor listings across the web



  • Complete online rebrand across the web delivered in under 6 months
  • Speciality focus allowed patient volume to decrease without loss in revenue
  • Positive reputation increase with ability to spend more time with patients
  • Large recurring natural volume from pool of semantic content