Digital Health Summits

Position Yourself as the Thought Leader

Whether you are looking to connect with patients or practitioners digital health summits are the perfect way to quickly reach a large targeted audience and help foster a continuing conversation about the topics important to you and your brand.

Who is a Digital Health Summit for?

Whether you are a non-profit, healthcare brand or medical practice a digital health summit is a perfect way to establish yourself as a thought leader, get exposure to ideal patients or doctors and do it in a scalable global way.

Whether you are already seen as the thought leader in your field or are looking to align yourself with the leading practitioners a digital health summit is the best way to expose that expertise.

What is a Digital Health Summit?

Through pre-recorded or live video content we can drive digital summit sign-ups for exclusive access to the content and speakers. All centered around access to the media and a community of like-minded patients and practitioners.

Patient Activation

Are you looking to find and gather certain patient types? Whether you are looking to find a patient in the early stages of research or after years of treatment or a particular procedure, patient activation is a key strategery to growth and awareness.

Patient Engagement

Through the use of digital platforms and technology, we can help increase conversation and engagement around your important topics. Whether through the use of public channels like social media or building private chat networks patient engagement helps bring awareness and extended conversation.

Patient Support

Align your brand with the conversation and continuing support your patient base needs. Through the use of mixed media types, (video, social, content) your patients can engage and share with eachother and provide the support they need.

Product, Brand, Technology Awareness

Direct to provider marketing can be time intensive and expensive. Make sure you are getting your healthcare product, brand or technology in front of the most relevant providers.

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