Otology/Neurotology Specialist

Medical Website and Patient Referral

As a hyper specialized surgeon Dr. Kohan has been the leading specialist in neurotological disorders for decades. As the paradigm shifted from a network of referring doctors to extensive patient research he knew he could not rely solely on other ENT’s referring patients to him. Understanding that he needed to leverage and showcase his expertise on the web Tidal Wave Marketing built him an online presence from the ground up.

hearing specialist marketingDr. Darius Kohan – click to visit


  • Design Site with a modern look on a Content Management System
  • Highlight care, detail and differences of specialized surgeon
  • Track and Record call inquiries to alter staff phone etiquette
  • Create Medical Content



  • Brand doctor as the renowned specialist that he is
  • Build simple informative site to create educated feeling in patient
  • Work with staff in handling phone calls and explaining the doctor value



  • Increased surgical volumes 2X within 3 months
  • Proper showcase of his medical community clout online