Insurance Verification and Certification

insurnace eligibility

View Insurance Benefits and Eligibility Instantly

Make informed decisions about your potential patients on the spot. Whether you are checking a new patients benefits while you have them on the phone or verifying changes to an existing patients get the information you need quickly. With this accessible realtime dashboard  you are able to view a patients eligibility, deductible, coinsurance, and copayment information & determine out-of-pocket costs. With access to over 450 insurance providers you can cut down costs on verification and inform patients better.

Submit Patient Information

Data Transmission

Benefits Response

Easy to Use Benefits Dashboard

After only submitting the patients name, birthday and policy number a valid request will pass back eligibility information in real time. The dashboard can quickly tell you the amount of the patients co-payment, in and out of network benefits and much more. Each request and stored in a database that is easily accessible at any time in the future. With coverage of over 450 insurance providers and more growing each year you are able to get information quickly from top commercial providers. Whether you are looking for co-insurance information, amount of deductible met, or speciality limitations the real time dashboard can provide that information to you.

insurnace eligibility