Doctor Marketing

doctor marketing search pathsThe term marketing doesn’t usually mix to well with doctors or medical professionals. So what people generally consider to be doctor marketing, we like to call doctor showcasing. Even if you “market” yourself or your practice heavily there are enough online outlets for patients to voice their opinion. That is why when we are marketing for a doctor you can not solely rely on “push” tactics. For marketing efforts to be successful for a doctor you must build and work the entire lifecycle of a patient process online. You must first position yourself to be found. Google insights stated that over 70% of medical queries were based around disease and symptom terms. With less than 30% going to brands and specific/branded procedure terms. This is a massive insight into how you should be presenting yourself online.


Not Only “Doctor” Marketing

You must first capture the minority that is already looking for you by name or by a branded procedure. This can be either patients that referred you, and now someone could be researching you or your brand before making the decision to book an appointment. This could also be someone that knows of a branded procedure that you offer. No matter the case in how this minority is already in the latter stages of their medical research this group must be connected to you online first. If you have no online representation or experience with where to start your doctor marketing efforts, download our FREE GUIDE on How to Market a Doctors Office. This is a great introduction on exactly how to capture those already looking for you and how to start researching those who are not.

Hopefully now you have already read our doctor marketing guide or you are comfortable with your branded exposure online. If your key NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information is up to date and uniformed across the important medical /doctor outlets online you should already be capturing those branded searches. Once you are comfortable with this area your thoughts should expand to the majority of medical searches done online. These are within the disease and symptom categories. Most patients are not going to make the connection to the specialty or treatment that they need right away. If I have a severe sinus infections I am more than likely not going to initially search for an otolaryngologist that performs FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery). I am going to research severe sinus infections or repeated sinus infections to see what could be causing them. This is where your doctor marketing efforts must be informative, not solely branded. That patient should find information about how sinus infections can be label as chronic at a certain number of occurrences. Where after time attempting to treat them with prescriptions a surgical intervention may be necessary. That is walking someone through the treatment process and making the connection to surgery understandable versus solely explaining the surgical procedure itself.

Full Lifecycle of Doctor Marketing

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Priorities of Choosing a Doctor Online

If these two categories of online medical research can be covered with your information you are well onto your well in increasing the amount of quality patients your seeing. This is where it becomes clear that the term marketing can not only apply. When patients are starting to find you online in both categories the next phase must be addressed. This is patient office perception, all the way down to how your staff interacts on the first phone call. If you read through the guide you covered some sample conversations on how staff can quickly lose new patient traffic. If the staff handles the inquiries properly the patient will schedule a visit. It goes without saying that you must treat the patient and have them feel satisfied with their medical care.

Even after you have treated a patient this is where doctor marketing truly becomes doctor showcasing. It is important to close the cycle of that patient by having a system for them to post their review of you online. This is where you truly become “showcased”. Like any other sales path a clearly defined plan must be in place to manage the whole lifecycle of your doctor marketing efforts. After understanding the points along the way it is easier to see it as a showcase rather than a sale.

Doctor Marketing Specialists

Doctor marketing must be handled by experienced marketers who specialize in the field. Tidal Wave Marketing has been helping showcase, promote, and connect quality doctors with quality patients for years.