Medical Marketing Services

If you are a private practice medical doctor looking for a single or full suite of marketing and practice management solutions you are in the right place. We are large in terms of the services we offer but very small in terms of the clients we work with. Just as you are the specialist in your field looking for a specific patient we have developed a unique process tailored to a specific field within healthcare.

Medical Branding

Whether you are a single practice office or a multi-location specialty group you have a brand. And that brand should extend and reflect who you are and how you treat patients online. With a proper brand developed, engaged and executed online you will have a constant source of patients seeking you out on and off line.

Web Design / Web Development

Our web sites are designed with the sole purpose of generating more patients for your practice. This is done through content engagement, highlighting your reputation, filterable photo galleries and much more. We are constantly building and adding resources to your site with the main goal in mind. Website development is an evolving technology with the addition of things like schema, google updates and more. But we only learn and apply the specifics from those fields meant to help within healthcare.

Digital Marketing

We cover all the traditional areas of digital marketing like SEO, SEM, adwords, local search and more. But we really don’t like to talk about those. Its much better, and more fun, to figure out what are your highest paying billing codes and insurances. Then from their we have the data and experience in place to determine which is the best outlet to start targeting to bring in the exact patient you are looking for. Whats the point in of ranking #1 for a term that brings you no patients?

Social Media Management

With over 70 billion healthcare searches online each year patients are looking for answers. Managing your social media is a delicate balance between promoting a conversation, promoting your speciality and highlighting your results. A strong online presence is a personal extension to how you interact with your patients in your office. If done properly your social media acts as a 24/7 tool engaging potential patients with you before your even interact in person.

Direct to Employer Contracts

Tidal Wave Marketing is a partner with Sano Surgery. Sano is a healthcare marketplace where self insured companies contract directly with providers to serve their employee population. This is an avenue of case volume that you could not attract with any marketing efforts. Sano is the perfect compliment to our traditional marketing services. Whether you are looking for one companies services or the other we can attract case volume for your practice or surgery center.

Photography / Videography

Even if a patient is directly referred to you the first thing they do is search your name online. Proper professional photos and videos with reflect the high caliber practice you represent in person. Your visual online presence should help attract and retain all patients looking for you. Investing in high quality photo and video content with quickly distinguish you. A uniform look for you and your practice can then be established. You website along with patient sites like ZocDoc, Yelp, realself and more will have a consistent representation of you.