Medical Marketing Audit

Medical Marketing Audit


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People may be looking for you by name!

The Tidal Wave Marketing Audit process starts with research. Lots and lots of research. With your decades of experience we know the key sites that your should be showcased on. We will run the correct up-to-date information about you and your practice through the medical outlets and see where the “holes” are.


Once we have a the results of the research we will evaluate and determine what efforts can and need to be taken to build and maintaing your online medical reputation.


Finally, we’ll report on our findings, and most importantly – our recommended plan of action – and leave them for you in thorough document that’s yours to keep. We’ll have a meeting, maybe even bring donuts, walking you through exactly what our recommendations are. Click here to view a sample page from the report.

What’s in the report

Insights overview

We present the findings from our research and interviews. We’ll identify patterns and shared insights from your online presence that should influence how you present your brand moving forward.

Brand positioning

From the insights we’ve gathered, we’ll write a brand positioning statement meant to serve as a guide to your future marking efforts.

Current marketing evaluation

This includes an audit of your website and any marketing materials you’re currently deploying – stuff like advertising, email marketing and social media. We’ll tell you where we think your efforts are strong and where and how they can be improved.

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