Dr. Moustafa Mourad

Moustafa Mourad, MD, is board-certified in head and neck surgery and highly-trained in cosmetic plastic surgery and facial reconstruction. He treats both cosmetic and functional conditions that affect the head, neck and entire facial area. 

Services Offered

HealthAuthority CMS

Website Design and Development

Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Search Ads

Paid Social Ads

Social Media Management

PR / Outreach



Dr. Moustafa Mourad started as a single doctor practice with no online reputation and patients were purely based on referrals from other physicians and practices. With no online presence, he needed a website with optimized content where he could drive traffic to and understand where his patients were finding him. Once the website was launched, he wanted to increase and expand his social media presence.


We implemented our custom HealthAuthority CMS that is built to ensure authority is conveyed to search engines for your target keywords. Our SEO strategy included page by page optimization and content development. In addition, our integrated keyword research, landing page technology, and call tracking ensure paid search efforts continually improve over time. Developing a consistent organic social calendar and collaborating with influencers for boosted posts helped increase his awareness, engagement and continues to increase his follower count.

The Result

Due to creation of a new website, optimized content, and a strong paid search strategy, website sessions increased by 158% year over year and generated a 106% increase in appointment submissions.


Increase in organic clicks in an 8 month time period


Increase in paid search conversions year over year


Decrease in cost per conversion year over year

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“A lot of marketing firms out there are very copy and paste. What I found was different with Tidal is that they’re very ethical, upfront, and they really want to understand your practice and your vision.”

Dr. Moustafa Mourad

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Website Development & Design

A website is the business’ window to the digital business.
Creating a design that not only fits the aesthetic of the business
but also is technically robust to measure new patient generation
has been critical to Dr. Mourad’s success.

Paid Search

The success of a paid search campaign depends on proper tracking, ad page experience, and effective advertising content. We are able to draw on our extensive experience, as well as exclusive healthcare marketing technology, to optimize your healthcare search engine marketing efforts.

Organic Social

Our social media marketing services help develop the conversation
between you and potential patients. This amplified exposure ultimately
turns into more leads and more qualified patients.

Paid Social

By creating unique audiences for each procedure, potential patients get served ads specifically for what they’re looking for. Lookalike audiences using past patient data which speeds us the patient acquisition.

Content Writing

We have expert copywriters who write content that will perform well
for organic search and paid search. Using keyword research and search
console, our copywriters write content that increase organic traffic and
increase ad quality scores on paid search.

Organic Search Optimization / SEO

As search algorithms have become smarter and website SEO competition increases it is vital to have a strong SEO strategy. We implement a specific schema which is the way data is structured on the Internet and on web pages, to ensure proper indexing. In conjunction, we also use keyword research to ensure our client’s websites are organically ranking for specific keywords.

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